There are two different people in the world: those who enjoy a hot lobster roll and those who enjoy a cold one. As a staple seafood item in these neck of the woods, how you order it is important for enjoyment.

Over 200 people were asked here on the SouthCoast what they prefer to order when it comes to a lobster roll and it's not shocking that more voted for cold lobster over hot.

Taking a look at the numbers, 88 people would much rather order a lobster roll cold with mayonnaise while only 52 of those surveyed prefer it hot with butter instead. Still, 26 people said they don't care what's in the bun, as long as it's a good-tasting lobster roll, and finally 14 people claimed they wouldn't be caught dead ordering lobster. These people seem to have a real issue with the whole bottom-dwelling ocean creature part.

The statistics are not too one-sided, though, and to be completely honest with you, as tasty as a fresh, hot, buttered lobster roll sounds, when it comes to the SouthCoast area, it's almost a prerequisite to order a lobster roll cold.

We definitely have our favorites around here. Take clam chowder, for example; in this part of the world, chowder is creamy and white. You won't ever catch me ordering a Manhattan-style if my life depended on it, and that's how I feel about lobster rolls as well. Cold lobster with mayonnaise or I'm not interested.

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Lastly, I will say that the fries that come along with the lobster roll play a key roll. Every good lobster roll should come with a decent batch of fries and I'm not talking about the shoestring ones. I want a good portion of steak fries with my lobster roll, mixed with a little summer sun and a cold Narragansett beer to complete the perfect marriage of food and good vibes.

Have an opinion on this matter? Feel free to shoot me an email at and let's talk lobster.

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