Today, July 27, 2022, marks the 82nd birthday of the world's most recognizable rabbit – or is he a hare?

Bugs Bunny jumped onscreen on this date in 1940. You would have had to come from a family of means to own a television set in 1940, wouldn't you say? There's a clip on YouTube showing all of Bugs Bunny's friends singing "Happy Birthday" to him, and I took note at how many cartoon characters there actually were when I was growing up in the 60s.

Are you ready to tune in with me? Just tell me who your favorite cartoon character is and why.

I conducted an informal poll with my friends and family.

My wife Celeste said, "I liked the Road Runner." Does Road Runner say "meep-meep" or "beep-beep?"

I was surprised nobody mentioned Tweety Bird, but my son Alex sent a Slowpoke Rodriguez video that was hilarious.

Bob Brammel of Cuz's Car Club didn't hesitate.

"I'm voting for 'beep-beep,' the Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote, because I behaved just like them. I might have even looked like one of them," he said. "Oh my God, and all the Acme brand heavy items and explosives that the coyote used to try to catch the Road Runner, but failed every time."

City Councilor Naomi Carney loved the question, exclaiming, "Felix the Cat! (starting to sing) The wonderful, wonderful cat. Whenever he gets in a fix, he reaches into his bags of tricks."

What made Felix the Cat stand out from the rest?

"I just like him and his bag of magic tricks. Plus, he had vavoom!" she said laughingly.

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From a different generation, my granddaughter Aleksis chose Disney villains.

"Maleficent is the coolest heel ever," she said. "And Ed the Hyena from The Lion King is awesome, too."

Her mother, Andrea, picked Belle from Beauty and the Beast, "because she's smart, stubborn and determined."

I'm mystified. No one mentioned Bugs Bunny. Innocent looking outwardly and mischievous within, Bugs is my top choice, with quite a few close behind.

Recalling how he and Daffy Duck sang the show's opening theme in true showbiz style, there's only one thing I'd like to know for certain about him: was this Looney Tunes icon named after his animator or because he loved to bug everybody?

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