When you think of the SouthCoast, what comes to mind?

Is it the beautiful seaside views? Is it the charming historical buildings? Maybe it's the cobblestone streets?

For some, it’s none of the above. For others, they can’t help but think about the eye sores that contrast the otherwise beautiful area.

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While we are lucky enough to live in a gorgeous nook of the world, that doesn't mean there aren't some buildings and structures that stick out for all the wrong reasons.

For me, one of the first eyesores I noticed was the dilapidated movie theater sign on Route 6 in Fairhaven, overtaken by weeds and years of neglect.

Every time I drive past it, I think to myself, “When is someone going to knock this thing down?”

The biggest eyesore for Michael is the vacant, rundown Citizens Bank building off of Route 6 in Fairhaven.

“I’m convinced that it’s the SouthCoast FBI Headquarters,” he said.

Why else would it be there for that long?

For Gazelle, he can’t stand the gigantic jack-up rigs that popped up in downtown New Bedford to load and offload boats at the pier.

“It’s just so unnecessary,” he said. "Does it really have to be that big?"

We decided to ask the SouthCoast and see what structures, roads and areas were bothering them the most, and locals were not afraid to voice their opinions.

The people have spoken. Keep scrolling to see some of the biggest eyessores found on the SouthCoast.

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