August 26 has gone to the dogs. National Dog Day is the perfect excuse to shower your four-legged friend with extra love and affection, and SouthCoast dog owners are showing off their pups in celebration.

Dogs have always been a part of my life. I grew up with a German shepherd-sheep dog mix who was my best friend when I was five. Later in life, my parents got King Charles Cavaliers, and while they weren’t energetic, they made for great cuddlers. Dogs bring so much joy to a family’s home, it’s no surprise that a day dedicated to them would be celebrated nationally, but honestly, it got me thinking.

Dogs love to make new friends. If they see another dog while on their daily walk, chances are a back-and-forth dance of bottom sniffing and play fighting will ensue. However, dogs are at the mercy of their owner and their immediate neighborhood when it comes to socializing. What if there was an app for dogs that worked similarly to Tinder? Humans shouldn’t be the only ones looking for love in modern ways.

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Before you call me crazy, hear me out: the dog owner could assist their pup in searching for a new friend – or better yet, a new romance – by swiping left or right. Qualities like age, location, and breed could be displayed, with a little bio to explain their personality. There’s an app for everything these days. Why not give an app dedicated to our four-legged family member?

A few dozen dog owners on the SouthCoast chimed in. Here are 26 potential new friends for your fur baby.

If SouthCoast Dogs Had a Dating App, It Would Look Something Like This

August 26 is International Dog Day, and it got me thinking. What if there was a way for dogs to connect with other dogs in the area to make new friends? Or maybe even find love? Twenty-six dogs living on the SouthCoast sent me their profile picture and bio. Let's see the eligible pups.

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