The biggest phrase to take over social media newsfeeds in 2024 is "chopped cheese."

It's a sandwich made popular in New York City, usually featuring ground beef, onions, melted cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and condiments, all on a tasty roll. It turns out you don't have to drive to New York to try it, as it's now the talk of the SouthCoast. Local restaurants are lining up to add their own pizazz to the mix and engaging in some spirited competition in the process.

One SouthCoast restaurant recently posted their version of a chopped cheese sandwich. That prompted another local business to make accusations of idea theft, sparking a little online feud.

The chopped cheese is bigger than any one business, though.

The online back-and-forth became a "locally viral sensation" as one person observer put it, and brought to attention numerous other SouthCoast restaurants that also have chopped cheese on their menus.

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We reached out to a handful of restaurants across the SouthCoast that have chopped cheese sandwiches on their menus and were happy to see such variety. From Fall River to New Bedford, here are a few places to sink your teeth into hot and fresh chopped cheese.

  • Izzy's Restaurant [72 Spring St., New Bedford]: Chopped cheese or chopped chicken available.
  • Two Sisters Catering [743 Dartmouth St., Dartmouth] : The Portuguese Chopped Cheese -- chourico, cheese, peppers, onions, hamburg, mustard, ketchup, tomatoes and lettuce on a papo seco.
  • New York Platter [168 Rodman St., Fall River]: Chicken or beef chopped cheese, accompanied with a side of fries and a drink as a combo meal
  • Charlie's Hot Dogs [1648 Acushnet Ave. New Bedford]: Chicken or beef chopped cheese, cooked with onions, adobo, mozzarella sticks, cheese and garnished with a flower.
  • Jimmy's Pizza [19 Faunce Corner Road, Dartmouth]: Chopped cheese with beef or chicken.
  • Kiylah's Corner [1532 Cove Road, New Bedford]: Cheesy and stuffed with hamburg, mozzarella sticks, lettuce, tomatoes and a signature sauce
  • NOW Cafe [Located Inside W.O.W.]: A healthier version of the New York-style chopped cheese, made with chicken.
  • Romero's Food Truck (coming soon): Romero’s chopped cheese is a mixture of ground steak and Angus beef, roasted red peppers, eggs and Sao Jorge cheese on a bolo with a Portuguese gravy dipping sauce
  • The Nook [58 Washington St., Fairhaven]: Two hamburg patties chopped up with cheese, blended with signature voodoo (beef) sauce
  • Freestones [41 William St., New Bedford] (coming soon): Triple Layer Chopped Cheese -- Bottom layer is chopped cheese, the middle is spinach, tomato, and bacon, and the top has chicken tenders. Customers will pick from sauces to add to chopped cheese
  • The Bearded Chicken [1160 G.A.R. Highway, Somerset]: Their chopped cheese has ground beef specially seasoned with an Azorean rub and topped with American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo and ketchup on a sub roll.

Would I like to see a friendly competition to see who has the best chopped cheese out there? Sure, why not? That said, there seems to be a chopped cheese out there for everybody. Let's all get along, support one another, eat local and have ourselves a chopped cheese sandwich.

There's a chopped cheese revolution on the horizon and I'm ready to see what the SouthCoast brings to the table.

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