When I am in Florida – especially in the Keys – I have to seek out the best Key lime pie as though I am on a mission from God or something. Key lime pie is the closest thing to dessert heaven I can think of – but in my mind, it is Florida-centric.

When you visit Texas, you think of steaks. When you go to Maine, it's all about the lobster.

Desserts are much the same in that various regions of the country; in fact, most states have desserts that many folks associate with them.

Does The South Coast Have An Official Dessert?
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According to Insider.com, Alabama is known for Lane cake, "a bourbon-laced layer cake with coconut pecan icing." The site says Nevada's best-loved dessert is Basque cheesecake, "first made popular in the Basque region of France."

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Many states have official state desserts, while others do not. Dozens of websites, including allrecipies.com, list the official and non-official dessert favorites of each of the 50 states.

When a state doesn't have an official dessert, that state's entry may vary based on opinion and individual tastes.

Does The South Coast Have An Official Dessert?
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Here is a look at the New England states and some desserts that are associated with them.

Connecticut has no official state dessert, but Insider.com gives the nod to apple cider donuts. Allrecipies.com says it's snickerdoodles.

Rhode Island's best dessert offering is Del's Lemonade, according to Insider.com, while allrecipies.com picks coconut custard pie.

Does The South Coast Have An Official Dessert?
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New Hampshire has no official state dessert either, so Insider.com goes with apple pie. Allrecipies.com selects the whoopie pie.

Vermont's "maple creemee" soft ice cream is Insider.com's favorite. Allrecipies.com prefers Vermont apple pie.

When in Maine, Insider.com suggests you try a whoopie pie while allrecipies.com recommends the blueberry pie.

Does The South Coast Have An Official Dessert?
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Of the six New England states, only Massachusetts has an official state dessert: Boston cream pie.

Some official and non-official desserts associated with the 50 states look amazing. Check them out at Insider.com and allrecepies.com.

Does The South Coast Have An Official Dessert?
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I don't think of Boston cream pie when I think of dessert here on the SouthCoast. Does this region of Massachusetts have its own "official" dessert? If not, should it, and what should it be?

I vote for pasteis de nata, those delicious Portuguese custard tarts.

Where to Find Mouth-Watering, Over-the-Top Desserts on the SouthCoast

Stop denying your sweet tooth and let it thrive. The next time the mood strikes, here is where to find the best of the best desserts on the SouthCoast.

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