I scream, you scream, we all scream for something sweet, savory, and delicious. Some people will tell you to fight those dessert cravings, but I’m here to tell you that life is way too short to say no to dessert.

The SouthCoast is a foodie’s dream come true. Want fresh seafood? We've got it. Want homemade pasta? We've got that, too.

When it comes to dessert, don’t sleep on Southern Massachusetts. Before I began working on the SouthCoast, the desire for fresh donuts brought me to New Bedford to check out the Donut Factory. I indulged and ordered a dozen donuts and these freshly-baked treats totally lived up to the hype.

Thanks to the quality of cuisine in the area, restaurants that are known for lunch or dinner may also have some hidden gems on their dessert menu. Cisco Brewery is fairly new to New Bedford, but local resident Michelle McKay said her new favorite dessert is their strawberry shortcake.

The opportunities are endless for fresh baked goods, ice cream, milkshakes, and more. But where do you even start? I won’t settle for a scoop of vanilla. When I’m ready for dessert, I am looking for eye-catching, Instagram-worthy, absolutely delicious choices that will satisfy my taste buds.

My need for sweetness is on high, but I needed some help on decision making. I asked, and the SouthCoast has spoken.

Here are 15 of the best SouthCoast spots for mouth-watering, over-the-top desserts, as voted by the locals. Grab some napkins and pull up a chair.

Where to Find Mouth-Watering, Over-the-Top Desserts on the SouthCoast

Stop denying your sweet tooth and let it thrive. The next time the mood strikes, here is where to find the best of the best desserts on the SouthCoast.

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