On the South Shore, you’re either Team Town Spa or Team Cape Cod Café. Sure, there are other teams in the league, but these two are the heavy-hitters that everyone knows about and definitely has a preference between the two. And no one is afraid to share their opinion on which pizza joint has the best South Shore Bar Pizza.

Jason Conrad is a self-acclaimed Town Spa Pizza superfan.

“I’ve easily eaten over 10,000 pizzas at Town Spa throughout my life,” Conrad said. “Everyone knows that’s my happy place. Across the street is the Evergreen Cemetery and that’s where I need to be buried so I can still stay close to Town Spa.”

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Conrad has been gifted several T-shirts from Town Spa in Stoughton since so many people know that he loves it. He even sported one at Fenway Park to watch the Boston Red Sox face the New York Yankees with his son on Saturday, June 26. According to him, he wasn’t the only person displaying his fandom for pizza that day. There was a gentleman rocking a Cape Cod Café Pizza shirt and Conrad had an epic response to the situation.

“I’m in the South Shore Bar Pizza Social Club Facebook page and I thought it was hilarious that we were both there representing our other teams at the Red Sox game,” Conrad said. “I posted a picture of us with our shirts and captioned it ‘Sox Yankees not the only rivalry in town.”

Photo contributed by Jason Conrad
Photo contributed by Jason Conrad

Conrad had no idea that this one post would go viral in a matter of days.

“I’m just a 40-year-old dad there with his son at the game and before we left it already had hundreds of likes,” Conrad said. “I was getting texts from people I haven’t heard from in years. I did not expect that. But I always knew that if I ever became famous for something, it would be for pizza.”

As of this publishing, the post has received 4.3 thousand reactions, 285 comments, and has been shared 767 times. Conrad’s only regret is that he wishes he talked to the other man in the photo that day to get a better image of their T-shirts.

“We’re trying to find the other guy,” Conrad said. “If I had been smarter, we would have done dueling pics and really got the crowd going.”

Conrad is proud to show a little love for Town Spa, but knows that Cape Cod Café in Brockton which has other locations in Bridgewater, Raynham, and Halifax has a good thing going too.

“Cape Cod Café has amazing pizza and it may very well be the second-best pizza in the area,” Conrad said. “The Holy Trinity is Town Spa, Cape Cod Café, and Lynnwood. They all claim to have the original recipe for the crust, or the sauce and that’s where the rivalry comes from.”

The South Shore Bar Pizza crowd can get very territorial and the true fans get extremely protective of their favorite pizza joint. Conrad loves the Facebook group and encourages others to join if they are a fan of this cheesy goodness.

The Best of South Shore Bar Pizza

There's pizza, and then there's South Shore Bar Pizza. Birthed in Brockton (and to this writer, perfected in Randolph – Lynwood Café is the true G.O.A.T.), it must meet certain qualifications to be considered "SSBP," which include: it's a 10-inch pie; it has a thin, cracker-like crust with minimal "flop;" the cheese is a blend that features more cheddar than mozzarella; and bonus points if you take it home between two carboard-type plates wrapped in flat brown paper bag. They also usually come with "laced" or "burnt" edges (terminology depends on where you are ordering), which is when the sauce and cheese are extended all the way to the edge of the pan, creating a crispy, flavorful coating to the crust. We reached out to the hugely popular South Shore Bar Pizza Social Club Facebook group to ask the experts to share the best of the best (in no particular order).

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