The Massachusetts U.S. Senate Democratic Party primary contest between Congressman Joseph P. Kennedy III and Senator Edward Markey is coming down to the wire.

I don't recommend books that I don't like and I don't recommend books I haven't read. I say that because there are a tremendous number of books written about the Kennedy family and the times they have influenced over the decades. I also don't restrict my recommendations to books I agree with; I happen to enjoy being challenged when I read.

The Patrician by David Nasaw: This is a tremendous biography of Joseph P. Kennedy, Sr. and the family he builds. Nasaw has written other biographies on powerful, wealthy men worth reading. His biographies of the newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst and the steel industrialist Andrew Carnegie are important. His previous works on Hearst and Carnegie show just how much the distinguished author thought of the Kennedy family when he agreed to write this book.

An Unfinished Life by Robert Dallek: This is a biography of the slain President John F. Kennedy. This isn't a hagiography, this is a good history book. The book covers the campaigns and the administration that was cut short by the bullet of an assassin.

Kennedy Justice by Victor Navasky: This is the bible of left-wing hatred for President John F. Kennedy and Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy. Victor Navasky has spent his life trying to salvage the reputation of convict Soviet spy Alger Hiss and savage the reputation of Jack and Bobby Kennedy.

There are hundreds of other books that cover the Kennedy family and the history of their times. These three books are a small selection of my personal library. Do you have a book you would recommend?

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