Is there an "other side" and how much of our lives on earth stay with us after death? In a convincing and heart touching ongoing series, Small Miracles From Beyond: Dreams, Visions and Signs That Link Us To The Other Side, co-authors Judith Leventhal and Yitta Halberstam say they provide undeniable proof for the existence of life after death!

Within 50 of the most extraordinary true stories in this book, Judith Leventhal joined me to chat about these extraordinary and incredible true stories that show how the connections forged with our loved ones exist through eternity - and how their intercession with us on earth continues long after they have passed on.

No matter what your fundamental beliefs are, Small Miracles From Beyond proves that miracles are not only real and true but they are part of our natural inheritance! Both, the book and our conversation serve as a reminder that miracles present themselves and that those who pass are always with us, looking out for us in times of need.