As we learned this weekend, opioid use and addiction isn't just on the streets of the Southcoast, it's in our dorm rooms as well. Maybe it's time we begin drug testing students and prospective students of our local universities?

No, I don't think it's feasible or realistic to drug test every single student. But if a student is found using or holding drugs, would it be a good idea to test the students on the same dorm floor? Or how about the students that take classes with that individual?

These state universities are using taxpayer dollars and the tuition of the students to fund the campus. Why shouldn't those that are taking advantage of a state system be subjected to drug tests?

Your tuition is paying not only for your education, but helps to fund other campus activities. If a student is found to be using drugs, aren't they taking the place of another potential student who is better equipped to take their education seriously?

Furthermore, to stem the tide of drug-addicted students, maybe we should start drug testing at entrance exams. Not only would it weed out prospective students that may not be deserving of a public education, it provides incentive for young people to stay off drugs if they want to get into a good school.

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