Update - 4:20PM

Officials say a TSA employee is dead and two other people have been wounded in a shooting today at Los Angeles International Airport.

They say a man with a semi-automatic weapon opened fire near a security checkpoint. The gunman was apparently wounded in an exchange of gunfire with officers and is in custody.

A spokesman for a government employees union confirms that a TSA officer was killed.

The airport's police chief says the gunman pulled the rifle from a bag this morning and began firing inside Terminal 3. He says the shooter went to the security screening area and fired more shots, before moving into the secure area of the terminal.

There, he says, officers exchanged fire with the gunman and apprehended him.

Air traffic was affected nationwide, as the Federal Aviation Administration grounded flights that had not yet departed for Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Fire Department says six people were taken to a hospital. It's not clear whether the gunshot victims were among them.

Original Story:

At least one gunman and several other people have been wounded in a shooting incident at Los Angeles International Airport. The incident took place this morning in Terminal 3.  The suspect is reportedly in police custody.  The shooting created a scene of utter chaos with travelers running for their lives as shots rang out from the rifle-wielding gunman.  Other airports in Southern California, including Bob Hope Airport and Long Beach Airport, are on heightened alert.  Previous reports of more than one suspect have been refuted.

The shooting caused all flights in and out of LAX to be put on hold, creating a domestic and international travel nightmare.  All roads leading to and from LAX have been closed off as a precaution.  President Obama is keeping a close eye on the situation.  White House spokesman Jay Carney says the President is being briefed as the story continues to unfold.

Fox News reports the gunman suspected in the LAX shooting is connected to the TSA.  The gunman is among several people wounded in the shooting incident this morning at Terminal 3.  The gunman reportedly opened fire with a rifle before being shot by security personnel at LAX.

A witness to today's shooting at Los Angeles International Airport says he called his wife to say good-bye because he thought he was going to die.  Fox Sports columnist Bill Reiter tweets he and dozens of others dove under their seats as gunshots rang out in Terminal 3.  He says once the gunfire stopped, people were jumping over one another and pushing in a stampede to get out and onto the tarmac.

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