A defiant Kentucky county clerk, Kim Davis, refused a judge's offer not to interfere with issuing marriage licenses to all couples, choosing instead to go to jail for contempt. Does she really believe she's above our nation's civil laws? Marriage is a gift from God to us. The quality of that marriage is our gift to HIM. Before Ms. Davis goes on to judge someone else, she should stop and think about all that God has forgiven her for.

I believe with God all things are possible, even for thieves, bums, whores, abusers, drunks, gays, republicans, addicts, killers, abortion doctors, cheaters, straights, transgenders and all the rest of HIS children.

If Kim Davis understands the foundations of faith, she should know that nothing people do can make God love them less. She should let God use her past to help make her better, not bitter.

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