WASHINGTON, D.C. - One of law enforcement's loudest voices on the issue of illegal immigration sat in with President Donald Trump to meet with families that have been affected by criminal illegal immigrants.

Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson described Wednesday's meeting at the White House as "emotional" and "powerful" as families of murder victims at the hands of illegal aliens poured their hearts out to the President.

....we don't want the President to have to build a bigger conference table to add more families.

Hodgson tells WBSM News each of those families would have been whole if stronger restrictions on immigration were being enforced.

"We have people who come here illegally and decided that they were going to commit these crimes, some of whom had started out by coming here illegally, then they were charged with a crime; they were deported; they committed another crime and came back. All they've shown is complete pattern of total disrespect for our laws and ultimately took these families lives," said Hodgson.

"What we want to prevent is we don't want the President to have to build a bigger conference table to add more families."

Hodgson says President Trump was extremely sensitive to the families stories, and described him as a very "down to earth man." Hodgson says the President made a pledge to the families seated at the table in regards to two bills coming up for a vote in Congress.

"He said 'Look, I'm going to sign Kate's Law immediately. I'm going to sign the No Sanctuary [for Criminals] Act immediately when it gets passed in the Congress. And I'm committed to doing everything I can to prevent others from going through what you and your families have gone through.'"

The bills, if passed, would prevent states and municipalities that refuse to cooperate with immigration authorities from collecting certain grants from the Department of Justice and Department Homeland Security, as well as impose harsher mandatory minimum prison sentences on deportees who re-enter the country illegally.

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