Legislation to arm Syrian rebels is on its way to the White House after passage by the Senate.

The measure was attached to broader legislation extending government funding until December 11th. The vote was 73-22. The government would run out of money at the end of this month without an extension.

President Obama requested roughly 500-million dollars to train and arm up to five-thousand moderate Syrians for the fight against ISIS. The House approved the legislation earlier this week.

Michigan Democrat Carl Levin said the money will authorize the training and equipping of friendly forces whose interests and objectives are aligned with the U.S. Levin chairs the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Kentucky Republican Rand Paul argued that arming so-called moderate Syrian rebels is a "fool's errand."

Meantime, extending current government funding levels until December 11th pushes budgetary issues past November's midterm elections.

[Metro News Source]

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