What is your favorite sitcom of all time? If you are like most you answered 'Seinfeld', in a recent poll Seinfeld was voted the best sitcom of all time.

That's not a surprise that a show about nothing would be voted number one, the show always kept the audience laughing and entertained. I didn't watch the show that much when it was on the air, but I do catch reruns and find them entertaining.

After 'Seinfeld', voters chose 'The Honeymooners' as second best in third place it was Friends another show that was on around the same time as Seinfeld.

In fourth place voters chose a show that took place in 'Boston', 'Cheers' and in fifth place was 'Arrested Developement', a show I just could not get into.

If I was asked what my favorite sitcom was I would go with 'Sanford and Son', a show that many people did not like because of the topics covered in the show. I found it to be a show that was honest about the time period, the 70's and they didn't shy away from the struggles many faced during the era. Plus the 'Sanford and Son' theme song was great!

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