In a stunning interview to be broadcast on CBS' 60 Minutes on Sunday, former FBI acting director Andrew McCabe admits that it was he who launched obstruction of justice and counterintelligence investigations involving President Trump and his alleged ties to Russia.

For the record, those investigations have netted no evidence of collusion or obstruction of justice on the part of the president.

McCabe, who stepped up when FBI Director James Comey was fired by Trump, admits to attempts to undo the 2016 elections by forcing the removal of Trump from office. In other words, a coup.

McCabe tells 60 Minutes serious discussions were held at the Department of Justice about Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein wearing a wire to secretly record Trump to get him to say something incriminating that might be used to force him from office.

McCabe also confirms that the DOJ discussed ways to convince Vice President Pence and top cabinet officials to agree to remove Trump from office under the 25th Amendment.

60 Minutes correspondent Scott Pelley says McCabe's statements are eye-opening.

"The most illuminating and surprising thing in the interview to me were these eight days in May when all of these things were happening behind the scenes that the American people really didn't know about. These were the eight days from Comey's firing to the point that Robert Mueller was appointed special counsel. And the highest levels of American law enforcement were trying to figure out what do with the president," he said.

McCabe is admitting here that the Department of Justice attempted to remove the duly-elected President of the United States from office with no evidence of wrongdoing. We already know that tainted, opposition funded research was fraudulently used to secure warrants from the FISA court. Isn't that treason?

These developments ought to scare Americans of all political stripes and certainly warrant a criminal investigation.

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