Barbecue lovers in Seekonk will be disappointed to learn a favorite local restaurant has been closed indefinitely due to fire damage.

Boneyard BBQ and Saloon in Seekonk caught fire early Tuesday morning and took firefighters over two hours to get under control.

NBC 10 reports that the fire started outside of the eatery, but quickly spread into the restaurant's kitchen.

The building's solar panels then caused firefighters issues while trying to douse the flames.

Firefighters were only able to open the roof in certain areas, which allowed the fire to pop up again and again before finally going out.

The early morning's frigid temperatures made things more difficult as well.

Luckily the fire occurred well before the restaurant opened, so no one was in the building at the time of the blaze.

No firefighters were injured while putting out the fire either.

Boneyard BBQ's owner says the exact amount of damage still needs to be accessed, but he doesn't expect to be able to open again until the summer.

The cause of the fire remains under investigation.

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