NEW BEDFORD - The city's summertime celebrity, Seagull Cinderella, caused quite the stir during her brief stay on the corner of Rt. 18 and Elm St.. However, she returned in spirit this week to spread some love to the Southcoast. 

On Wednesday, the sculpture's creator Donna Dodson was joined by local artists to present a check of $550 to the Southcoast Centers for Cancer Care: Patient and Caregiver's Assistance Fund. The money was raised by sales of Seagull Cinderella inspired artwork created by locals after the sculpture became a major subject of discussion, both good and bad.

Joining Dodson for the check presentation was Jessica Bregoli, Artist and Curator of the Seaport Art Walk; Tim Gastall, Artist and Creator of the Fan page "We Love Seagull Cinderella" on Facebook; Eric Johnson, Artist and Creator of the Seagull Cinderella sticker campaign; Amy Winn, Annual Gifts Officer at South Coast Health.

Gallery X hosted a pop-up shop during Seagull Cinderella's stay in the Whaling City and sold stickers and other works inspired by the sculpture.

Local artist Tim Blier even created a friend, named Princess of Whales, to stand alongside the gull, though she was quickly removed.

"Seagull Cinderella" and "Princess of Whales." via Tim Blier's Facebook page.
"Seagull Cinderella" and "Princess of Whales." via Tim Blier's Facebook page.

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