Former New Bedford Mayor Scott Lang, a one-time member of the Democratic National Committee, shared some controversial thoughts on the election with WBSM's Ken Pittman this weekend.

Lang characterized Hillary Clinton's nomination by the Democratic Party as "a coronation." He adds, it also was a mistake. "The idea that we as a party nominated Hillary Clinton, fully knowing everything that that came with, means we let the country down like no one has ever let the country down before."

Lang said he was encouraged by the statements made by Donald Trump after he won the election and after meeting with President Obama. But the former Mayor says the President-elect must say and do more to bring the country together. "We need to start moving the country forward again. He may be the kind of person that can bring people into the room and say let's do it." But Lang says Trump "must first defuse the idea that he is someone who is whipping up hatred among Americans."

Lang added President-elect Trump can make an immediate impact in places like New Bedford by appointing people to the Commerce Department who better understand the commercial fishing industry..

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