Working up to a final budget proposal for FY 16, the New Bedford School Committee met Monday afternoon to discuss how to get to that final proposal.

Presentations for special education services and a new math program were the focus of Monday's meeting.

The special education services department explained how it is chronically underfunded and administrators from Parker School explained the importance of implementing the EnVision Math program across the district.

Parker School has been involved with a pilot program over the past school year.

Supt. Dr. Pia Durkin says there's still more work to be done.

The School Committee will continue budget discussions Wednesday evening and try to figure out how to find the most important priorities needed to ensure student success.

The final proposal must be printed by Thursday morning and eventually approved by the City Council.

Dr. Durkin proposed a $125.8 million budget during a meeting last month, but the city has made clear that it can't support that amount.

The City Council will finalize the entire FY16 budget this summer.