Charlie Leight via getty images
Charlie Leight via getty images

The Washington Post is bemoaning the fact that Secret Service protection for Bernie Sanders is costing the taxpayers a lot of money and suggesting that perhaps he should concede to Hillary Clinton and drop out of the race.  Sanders has earned the right to remain in the race until the very end should he choose.

With the days dwindling until the Democrat Convention in Philly at the end of next month pressure continues to mount for U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, D-VT, to end his candidacy and clear the way for  Secretary Clinton to claim the nomination.  The Washington Post even suggests that Sanders take into consideration the cost of Secret Service protection between now and then.  Sanders fought a good fight and many believe he might have won the nomination himself had the DNC not stacked the deck against him and the Associated Press not suppressed voter turn out in California by declaring Clinton the winner the night before the important primary there.

Sanders has a reputation of being honest and devoted to his cause. To concede now and to back Clinton would be to turn his back on everything he campaigned for and against this last year. For Sanders it's about  more than just defeating the Republican nominee it's about integrity and his legacy. It's about securing a place in the platform for issues important to his supporters.  It's also about the chance that the scandal-plagued Clinton could go down in flames before the nominating convention.

Bernie Sanders has earned the right to challenge Clinton on the convention floor if he chooses and to see his cause to the end. Like Republican Donald Trump, Sanders has stood this election on it's ear and should be the one to decide when he gets out and how.

Barry J. Richard

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