Evangelo 'Gilly' Safioleas was arrested during the New Bedford City Council's meeting on Thursday night after he refused to leave for applauding in violation of a council chamber rule.

Speaking with WBSM's Barry Richard, Safioleas said that he has attended City Council meetings for over 25 years and there was never any issue with his respectful clapping.

"I don't clap when people are talking, I don't clap or boo anybody while they're talking, I wait until the motion's over and it's voted on and the person sits down and then they haven't started the next motion," said Safioleas.

He said the commotion came after he clapped following a disagreement between Councillors Brian Gomes and Dana Ribeiro over drones.

"They took the vote, I still clap like this (claps four times), Dana turns around and says to me, 'don't disrepect my president,'" said Safioleas "I said 'what are you guys talking about? You guys clapped' Linda from the chair, 'Thank you Councillor Ribeiro' she bangs the mallet and says 'you're outta here.'"

Safeioleas that Morad has a personal grudge against him that started when he refused to back her campaign.

He says this bias was shown during a meeting in January when Morad called him out by name during the meeting.

"You're trying to tell me she didn't have a vendatta when she said, 'Mr. Safeioleas' used my name and everyone could hear her over the airwaves." said Safeioleas.

Safeoilas was arrested on a trespassing charge but says he was never served any papers telling him he was banned from the New Bedford City Hall and that when he went before a judge on Friday he was told he could still visit city hall, although he was told to stay out of trouble.

Safioleas returns to court Nov. 14.

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