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Halloween is coming up next weekend and we’re all wondering who is doing what in terms of celebrating. The CDC released a list of activities deemed low-risk, moderate-risk, and high-risk at the end of September. Governor Charlie Baker has since made it clear that crowded Halloween parties are not the best decision for 2020, so we’ll have to get creative in order to celebrate safely.

We weren’t surprised to see that traditional trick-or-treating has made the CDC’s list for dangerous activities since it means coming in contact with strangers and not maintaining six feet apart. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t participate in this beloved candy-grab as long as you put a safe twist on it. It does take place outdoors, after all. So, how does one pass out candy and maintain a safe distance from a trick-or-treater and their families? We’re glad you asked because a few SouthCoast residents have shared their thoughts and I’m so glad they are making sure that the show will still go on in 2020.

The idea is to maintain a safe distance from everyone else, wear masks, and wash your hands as often as possible, or have hand sanitizer readily available when it’s not possible to wash your hands. Remember to skip all activities if you are feeling ill.

Click HERE for the full list of guidelines put out by the CDC.

Safe Ideas for a Socially Distant Halloween

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