Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster did the thing that people thought would happen during the series with the Red Sox and Yankees. 

Games between the Red Sox and Yankees can get pretty wild, but Sunday night there were different circumstances. Alex Rodriguez might be the most hated person in baseball. While the MLB has handed him a 240 game suspension for his involvement in the Miami Biogenesis clinic scandal, he is appealing that, and is still allowed to play.

Many players have voiced their displeasure in that, but Red Sox pitcher Ryan Dempster showed A-Rod that he wasn't too happy, and plunked him.

It was clear from the beginning of the at-bat that Dempster was gunning for Rodriguez. So why wait until Sunday night to send a message to A-Rod? They could have sent that message on Friday or Saturday, but instead chose to do it in the second inning on Sunday night.

According to Yahoo, A-Rod's PED involvement may not be the only reason why Dempster threw at him. One source says that Dempster has wanted to throw at A-Rod for some time now, because Rodriguez allegedly snubbed him at a public event.

However the revenge didn't last long. In A-Rod's next at-bat he crushed a home run off Dempster, and in total went 3-4 on the night.

The Yankees would go on to beat the Red Sox 9-6.