Massachusetts Republicans are waging a stiffer battle against each other than they ever did against Democrat U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren.

In an election cycle that saw the Massachusetts GOP sit on its hands while Geoff Diehl zipped from Pittsfield to Provincetown and back again many dozens of times, waging a one-man battle against Warren, the party is looking for new leadership.

Had the Republicans made any effort at all to support Diehl, he might have defeated Warren. Party leaders at all levels failed to rise to the occasion and in fact didn't even get in the game. Heck, Governor Charlie Baker endorsed the guy, but during a live televised debate refused to commit to voting for him. What a disaster.

Boston Globe via Getty Images
Boston Globe via Getty Images

MassGOP Chairwoman Kirsten Hughes is stepping down after six years. Good riddance. Like most in the party's leadership, Hughes has little to put on a resume. The party will elect a replacement by secret ballot on January 17. Does anyone really care?

Our local Republican Party representatives, Brock Cordeiro and Jill Ussach, do little or nothing and hold their positions simply because no one else wants the job. How pathetic. Governor Baker won't say who he is rooting for to replace Hughes, but says ideology should not be a huge consideration. Really?

You ever wonder how the Democrats have maintained a death grip on power in Massachusetts? I suppose it's easy when the other team won't even dress and come on to the field.

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