What, we shouldn't have seen it coming? The Fall River City Council members assembled for a semi-emergency session last week. They were responding to the news that Mayor Jasiel Correia announced that he intended to remain the mayor, despite the 13 federal charges he faces after being arrested in a most embarrassing fashion at six o'clock in the morning.

The big news out of our sister city to the west is debatable. Jasiel's arrest, his announcement that he intends to stay on or the fact that the collective knowledge of the City Council wasn't certain that they had the powers in the city charter to send Correia home--wherever that may be, because Mayor Correia was also evicted from his residence earlier this week.

Hasn't the city of Fall River suffered enough embarrassment with the recall of former Mayor Silly Willy Shenanigan Flanagan? Sadly, the city has had some great developments in recent years with Amazon setting up shop, the new plaza in the south end and reversing long-trending deficits, but this is all eclipsed with Silly Willy Flanagan's circus act, garnering regional media coverage. Now, Correia's outrageous behavior, if the FBI is to be believed, is garnering national media attention.

At the end of the day, the person to blame in Fall River is you, the voter. Look in the mirror. The city is badly in need of a hero, and better wisdom in the voter there.

With the imminent arrest of Correia, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker returned the endorsement of the embattled Fall River mayor faster than a Franciscan Friar would give back a pamphlet handed to him by a Jehovah's Witness, but he's still getting some ribbing for the fact that it happened and was accepted.

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Representative Joseph P. Kennedy III must be cringing every waking morning as he thinks about whether or not he wants to ever go to Fall River again. He's been BFFs with both Flanagan and Correia, even calling good ol' J.C. to give his Democratic Party's rebuttal speech from the Diman Regional Vocational Technical High School in Fall River.

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Can Fall River ever find adult supervision? Is there a hero to be found over there? Stay tuned.

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