State and local officials gathered near the intersection of Route Six and Brownell Avenue and Route 140 on Friday to cut a ribbon marking completion of a $3.4 million reconstruction project there.

The improvements include new traffic lights, more turn lanes and a design that gets traffic off Brownell Avenue quicker.

The goal of the project says State Rep. Antonio Cabral is to make the intersection safer while reducing the impact on the Brownell Avenue neighborhood. "This neighborhood has for many years since 140 was built, has been receiving traffic from a state highway into a city street," said Cabral. He added, "the improvement project was an opportunity for us to modify the flow of traffic and minimize the traffic coming into this neighborhood."

Mayor Jon Mitchell says the intersection was at one time, the third most dangerous intersection in Southeastern Massachusetts, but now "its a safe intersection that facilitates traffic flow and commerce far better than it once did."

Also attending the announcement was Mass. Department of Highway Transportation Administrator Thomas Tinlin who oversaw the completion of the project after the change of State Administrations in January.

Traffic heading north from Brownell Avenue to 140 / Jim Phillips TSM
Traffic heading north from Brownell Avenue to 140 / Jim Phillips TSM



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