You may have seen the news about the beds in the Olympic Village being made of cardboard. The official idea behind the cardboard beds (which sound incredibly uncomfortable, if you ask me) are that they are pretty inexpensive to manufacture as far as beds go, and after the 2021 Olympic Games have concluded, they can easily be recycled into something else.

The social media take on these cardboard beds is something completely different. The running theory about the Olympic cardboard beds has more to do with preventing undesirable behavior from happening during the athletes' downtime.

For as long as there have been men's and women's modern-day Olympic Games, athletes have had, well, a certain reputation for having one night stands with their Olympic counterparts from around the world. It has been an issue that has received more and more attention with each passing Olympiad.

The theory on social media is that the cardboard beds are designed to fail in the event that they are – well, "put to the test," shall we say. They supposedly simply fall apart.

Who better to turn to than Fun 107's favorite Olympian in the Summer Games, Gia Doonan.  Gia grew up in Fairhaven and her parents currently live in Rochester, and she joined Michael and Maddie last week live from her room in the Olympic Village.

Gia and some of the other women from her rowing team decided to debunk the myth in the photo above, creating the meme "Can confirm: Olympic beds hold at least 6 people."

Courtesy Gia Doonan
Courtesy Gia Doonan

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