It's a personal honor to be a part of radio broadcasts that enlighten and inspire listeners. Such is the case with Robert Jacobvitz, who while here on the SouthCoast, gave residents and students an insight into who Aristides de Sousa Mendes was and what he did to receive world recognition for his heroism during World War II.

What did Sousa Mendes actually do? He helped save thousands of people from sure death, including 10,000 Jews, by issuing visas, that allowed them to escape to other neutral countries. But, he did so defying authorities and paid the price by losing everything in life, except his family.

Before his death in 1954, Sousa Mendes asked his children to clear his name and have honor of the family restored. His sons and daughters, along with their children - now scattered all over the globe - have fought for decades to have his deeds posthumously recognized. Mr. Jacobvitz joined me for a very interesting discussion.

Aristides and Angelina de Sousa Mendes with their first six children, 1917

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