Isaiah Thomas made a statement in game one of the first round of the NBA Eastern Conference Playoffs on Sunday.  The Celtics were unable to hold off the tough Chicago Bulls, losing 106-102. Even with the loss Thomas showed up to play, scoring a team high 33 points with five rebounds and six assists.  This, just 24 hours after his 22 year old sister Chyna was killed in a car crash in Washington state.

Isaiah Thomas would have liked to have won Sunday's game for his sister and that was evident by his level of play.  Athletes are often called upon to play through adversity and we've seen it before when in times of personal crisis they are able to step up their game and deliver while most of us would be struggling just to get on our feet.  Perhaps it's the competitive nature of what they do, or the level to which they challenge themselves that allow some athletes to shine even in their darkest hours.

Isaiah Thomas is not a super hero, just a 28 year old man who plays Guard for the top seeded Boston Celtics in the NBA.   Thomas is human like the rest of us and even though his pain may have been nearly unbearable at times in the glow of the TV lights, searching for any sign of emotion, he kept it together for Chyna.  For his parents. For Celtic Nation. For his teammates.  And, most importantly for himself.

Isaiah Thomas played his game on Sunday and left nothing on the floor.  No heroics, just his usual all-in commitment to the team and the fans.  He is a class act.  Celtic Nation grieves with Number 4 today.

Game two is Tuesday night.

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