Boston Celtics fans hoping to attend a game at the TD Garden during the 2023-24 season might need to save for a while or consider seeing a loan shark first. has looked at the cost for a family of four to attend a National Basketball Association (NBA) game this season, and in some markets, it's a real eye-popper.

As expensive as it may be to take the brood to an NBA game, says, "In general, a family of four can get to an NBA game at a fraction of the cost of going to an NFL game."

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The Boston Celtics experience is ranked among the most expensive in the NBA by, with four of the least-expensive tickets costing $404 on average. Parking is, as always, a killer at these types of events at $50.45.

A Boston Celtics Game For A Family Of Four Costs How Much?
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How about some food? Four hot dogs at the Garden will set you back $26. A soda for each kiddo to wash down the dogs will cost $16.50.

After surrendering your shirt in the name of this family outing, you and your significant other deserve a cold (16-ounce) beer, right? That will be another $39.74, please. Boston's beer price is the highest in the NBA.

Your Celtics experience has just cost you $536.69, according to, and that doesn't include gas, souvenirs and additional munchies during the game. You'll no doubt want to stop for dinner on the way home, too.

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While attending a Celtics game is expensive, several other teams charge even more for the complete experience.

A day with the New York Knicks, for example, will cost you an estimated $745.18, but at least the beer is cheaper.

I for one will stay home and watch the Celtics on my TV.

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