When you think of Rhode Island, you probably envision white sandy beaches and refreshing ocean breezes, not mountains. But they are there. Or so I'm told.

Yes, the "biggest little state in the Union" has mountains. It may be tough to see them because they are not very tall.

Peak Visor says, "Despite being one of the flattest states in the country, especially when compared to its much more hilly neighbors, Rhode Island does have quite a few high points, all of which are considered part of the New England Uplands."

The site says, "Featuring rolling hills classic New England scenery, the New England Uplands are a collection of peaks located in the northeastern part of the United States."

The highest point in Rhode Island is Jerimoth Hill, at 812 feet. It is the lowest state highpoint in New England, located in Foster. The hill is used as an observatory but is popular with high pointers or climbers.

Rhode Island Really Does Have Mountains
Aerial New England

While some will argue that Jerimoth Hill isn't really a mountain and that there are no real mountains in Rhode Island, MountainZone.com disagrees.

The site says, "Rhode Island has many mountains, peaks, and hills within its borders." It lists Jerimoth Hill, Mount Tom, Diamond Hill and Buck Hill as evidence.

While describing Jerimoth Hill as "hardly a mountain," SummitPost.org says, "The summit is a large rock about 200 yards from the road."

Information on Quora.com makes the claim that Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, and Louisiana are the only states without mountains within their borders.

So, which is it? Mountains or no mountains?

Dictionary.com defines a mountain as

A natural upward projection of the Earth's surface, higher and steeper than n a hill and often having a rocky summit." A hill is "A natural elevation of the Earth's surface smaller than a mountain. An incline, especially in a road.

It sounds like mountains to me -- little mountains.

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