Rhode Island Gov. Dan McKee debuted the new state license plate at a press briefing on Wednesday, as chosen by voters.

I use the term “new” loosely, seeing as how the new design is remarkably similar to the design we already have. The overall response from the community after Wednesday’s announcement has been largely negative, and I don’t blame them.

Willem Van Lancker, a product designer from South Kingstown, was the artist behind the design that was ultimately chosen from five possibilities, garnering 52% of the total votes.

Lancker explained that he took inspiration from our current plate, openly admitting that “Rhode Islanders don’t like change.”

It turns out that he was spot on.

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Let me be clear. There is no reason to be hating on the designer. Lancker did exactly what the other 940 entrants did. He designed his own plate and sent it in. Furthermore, I admire his idea of incorporating five waves to represent the five counties. My frustration is toward my fellow Rhode Islanders for showing resistance to any sort of change.

The overall tone on social media is quite negative, with many people showing skepticism that this was, in fact, the correct winner.

The Providence Journal hosted its own poll, with participants putting the actual winner at dead last.

We had the opportunity to upgrade our license plate for the first time in 25 years, and we completely missed the boat. We have no one to blame but ourselves. I guess we’ll have to wait another 25 years before we choose the wave ... again.

The new plates will start going into circulation in late summer and will cost an extra $8.

What are your thoughts on the new plate?

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