If you haven't heard about it already, let me introduce you to a modern kind of wind turbine that captures energy without any noisy, gargantuan, turning blades that kill birds. Whats more, this brand-new bladeless wind turbine is more efficient, silent and costs half the price.

A Spanish company called VORTEX, founded by energy visionaries David Suriol, Raul Martin and David Yanez, has reinvented wind turbines by eliminating the colossal blades. This is a genius leap forward and a revolution in wind power that significantly reduces the carbon footprint of conventional, present day wind turbines and is kinder to our environment. These bladeless wind turbines don't spoil the pristine view, require fewer raw materials, need no oiling and use far less land.

Individually, the new turbine produces about 30 percent less electricity than an elephantine turbine; however, that's more than compensated for by the fact you can easily fit twice as many turbines into the same space. Since they are easy to install and cost around half of what conventional turbines cost to produce, it's time to come out of the cave and consider state-of-the-art bladeless wind turbines that takes advantage of what's known as vorticity. Vortex technology harvests energy in an aerodynamic effect that produces a pattern of spinning vortices, instead of creating energy via the circular motion of a monstrous propeller.

I believe these wind turbines are worthy of a community-wide discussion which includes our important fishing industry. Bladeless turbines are the future, now, of wind energy.

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