A new report places former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer as the winner of the Los Angeles Clippers bidding war.  The "Los Angeles Times" reports Ballmer's bid of two-billion dollars for the Clippers has been chosen as the winning bid by Clippers co-owner Shelly Sterling. If approved, it would be nearly four times as much as the highest previous NBA franchise price. That came earlier this month when the Milwaukee Bucks were sold for 550-million dollars.

Ballmer's bid reportedly topped an investment group led by David Geffen that had come in at one-point-six-billion dollars. Several big names had been linked to the Clippers sale in recent weeks, including Ballmer, Geffen, media mogul Oprah Winfrey and former Lakers star Magic Johnson.

The news comes less than a week before NBA owners are set to meet and oust the Sterling family from owning the Clippers following Donald Sterling's racist remarks. Ballmer's deal will need to be approved by the other 29 NBA owners. (Metro Networks Inc)