With the NBA Draft just over a day away, trade rumors are flying around the league. 

The latest rumor involving the Boston Celtics actually has the C's turning down a deal that would have sent Bulls guard Jimmy Butler to Beantown.

According to a CBSSports.com report, Chicago had offered Butler to the C's in a straight up trade for the third overall pick, but Boston said no.

It has been reported for a while now, going back as far as last offseason, that the C's have been looking at Butler as a possible addition to the club.

It is somewhat shocking that a deal that would have netted the C's Butler and only cost them one single pick out of their truly impressive stockpile was turned down by Danny Ainge and company.

That must mean that the team is really enamored with the player they hope to select at number three or potentially a more advantageous deal is out there for Ainge to take a crack at.

Who knows, maybe the two sides will revisit the deal and work something out. It's been reported that the Bulls are really looking to move on from Butler, so maybe they'll take even less.

Only time will tell what the C's actually do. Thankfully for NBA fans they wait until Thursday night is not that long.

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