The California Democrat took a chance and he lost. He wagered the president was a Russian spy and he was wrong. He is ridiculous and he can't chair his committee.

This week, the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee signed a letter requesting the resignation of the committee chairman. The Republicans have had enough of the wild and irresponsible antics of Adam Schiff and they are documenting it for the record.

The Democrats in the House are in a tough position: do they side with Schiff and go down with the ship, or do they side with the Republicans and do the right thing?

Adam Schiff has been running a one-man wrecking crew since Donald Trump was elected president and it has backfired on him. Rather than exposing a Russian active measures campaign involving the president, he has become the great Russian active measure campaign in the history of the United States.

Democrat Adam Schiff has been telling the world the President of the United States is under the control of Putin and the other thugs in the Kremlin. As the chairman of the distinguished House Intelligence Committee, he is leveraging his credibility to boost the prestige of Russia. There has never been anything like this in the history of our country and it can't be understated.

He knows there is no truth to his claims but yet he continues to repeat the slur. Both of the Congressional Intelligence Committees have found no evidence of a conspiracy between Trump and Russia. The Mueller investigation found no evidence of a conspiracy, either.

The only beneficiary of the Schiff Smear Campaign is Russia, a hostile foreign power. Who has been whispering in Schiff's ear to keep him going down this road of aid to a foreign hostile power?

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