UMass Dartmouth Professor Brian Glyn Williams has lived in both Russia and Ukraine and has written several books about the history and the often-violent relationship between those two nations.

Professor Williams joined Townsquare Sunday this week to discuss Russia's bloody invasion of their democratic neighbor. Williams believes the Russians and Putin have dreamed for 30 years about taking back control of Ukraine, and sadly, that dream is slowly coming true.

According to Williams, Putin sees any "creeping democracy" coming close to his border as a threat to his autocratic rule.

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While the Ukrainians have put up a remarkable fight, Prof. Williams says it's likely the Russians will use their overwhelming military might to overpower the Ukraine fighters. He predicts Ukraine forces will refocus as an insurgent force, and the Russians will face a long slog in Ukraine, much like they did in Afghanistan.

Many feel that would be a problem for the Russians, who do not have a large enough army to carry out a long-term occupation.

Professor Williams says while Putin's forces may have short-term success on the battlefield, the Russian people will pay the price for Putin's military adventurism, losing their loved ones in battle, unable to withdraw money from banks because of sanctions, and suffering from a lack of necessities.

The full interview with Professor Brian G. Williams can be heard here:

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