The vicious smear campaign of the Democrats failed, and so it time to remember why President Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court.

It all started back in 2016, when Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton to become the President of the United States of America. As of his 2017 inauguration, Donald Trump would be nominating the individuals to fill vacancies in the federal courts for the next four years. As former President Barack Obama pointed out to the now deceased Sen. John McCain after beating him in 2008, elections have consequences.

The Senate has the responsibility to approve or reject all federal judicial nominations of the president. The Senate can give the nominee a hearing, or not even bother and reject them by inaction. The people of America decided to leave the Republicans in control of the Senate. As Obama lectured former P.O.W. McCain, elections have consequences.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh was vetted and approved by the U.S. Senate to a seat on what is commonly considered the "second highest court" in our federal system. He served there for 12 years. While serving as a judge on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, he authored better than 300 opinions.

He served with distinction as a staff member in the White House administration of George W. Bush. He also clerked for Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, the man he was nominated to replace by the president.

He had five FBI background investigations and one public hearing by the U.S. Senate prior to being nominated for the Supreme Court.

He earned top grades at some of the world's finest educational institutions. He has a strong relationship with his parents, wife and his children. He is a faithful Catholic and he lives by the teachings of the Church, including volunteering to feed those less fortunate.

He has a strong reputation in the legal community. As the Wall Street Journal pointed out on Friday, he was invited by the Dean of the Harvard Law School to teach there. That was Dean Elana Kagan. Today, she is a Justice on the Supreme Court, she is a liberal and was nominated by President Obama.

Brett Kavanaugh has dedicated his life to the law, and has long aimed his focus on achieving a seat on the Supreme Court. He was going to be nominated at some point by a Republican president.

He was nominated by President Trump because he is qualified and experienced to serve on the court.

And because elections have consequences.

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