The Red Sox have accepted an invitation to visit the White House in the new year to celebrate the team's 2018 world championship. Good for them. Good for their fans.

In an age when many are overly sensitive and even routine matters have been politicized, it is great to see the hometown heroes have risen above the fray.

Since the Reagan years, it has been customary for championship sports teams to visit the White House to celebrate their success and to honor their fans. During the Obama years, however, some athletes politicized the process by skipping the event, and that has carried over into the current administration.

The press has attempted to instigate trouble between Sox manager Alex Cora and President Trump over Trump's remarks concerning Puerto Rico and its recovery following Hurricane Maria in 2017. While Cora, the first Puerto Rican manager ever to win a World Series, says he disagreed with some of what Trump said, he respects the president and will visit the White House.

The Red Sox have players from the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and the United States on their roster. What a tremendous thrill it must be for these players and coaches to have worked so hard that you have earned an invitation to the White House to be honored by the president.

The 2018 Boston Red Sox deserve the honor and will be representing each and every fan in Red Sox Nation when they visit the White House, regardless of their political beliefs.

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