I don't know who's in charge of scheduling the American League Championship Series, but I am not a fan of that person right now.

For some unthinkable reason, Major League Baseball has scheduled Sunday night's Game 2 of the American League Championship Series to conflict with Sunday night's huge Patriots game against the Kansas City Chiefs.

First pitch for the baseball game is 7:09 at Fenway Park. Kickoff for the football game is 8:20 p.m. from Gillette Stadium. We'll probably get through roughly three-plus innings of baseball before we'll be faced with a tough decision: Do you stick with the baseball game? Or flip over to watch the Patriots play one of their biggest games of the regular season?

The Chiefs are the top dogs in the NFL right now. If the Patriots can somehow pull of a win at home, that would really make a statement.

But the playoffs are the playoffs. Unless it's another 16-1 blowout in the making, it's going to be very hard to switch over to the Patriots, but I feel like I just might.

It also puts our sister station, WBSM in a very tough spot. Which game should we carry on the radio? Ideally, we'd be able to stream the audio of the other game, but Major League Baseball and NFL rules prohibit us from doing that.

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