Television and radio shows about the paranormal have skyrocketed! Locally, WBSM features Spooky Southcoast on Saturday evenings to cater to the crowd. Soon, I'm going to welcome New Bedford author Luann Joly to talk about her new book on area ghosts in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, listen to these eerie and authentic EVP recordings of local haunted places, and tell me what you hear!

Wikimedia Commons

This was recorded in Fall River, MA at the famous Lizzy Borden Bed & Breakfast. This voice is believed to be Lizzy Borden saying something:

Sean Schiloski,flickr

This was recorded in a private home in Dartmouth, MA. It is believed to be a little girl saying 'Hello Tara'.

Massachusetts Dept. Environmental Protection,flickr

The Southcoast is full of old Mills. Some of them are being used in new ways, but some are still empty, and possibly haunted. This recording of a scream is believed be the voice of someone during a tragic accident.


Another recording from a private home, this one in Acushnet - a very haunted old New England town. It is believed to be saying ' Stitch in time saves nine'.

Oliver Quinlan,flickr

Much of the Southcoast was built on sacred ground. John Collins cemetery in North Dartmouth is very spooky, and this sound was recorded late at night there: 'Before you come back here'


This is a recording from a private home in Fairhaven, MA that is being played backwards. The name 'Bob' is allegedly being said.