FALL RIVER — Prior to a special session of the Fall River City Council to discuss the possible removal of Mayor Jasiel Correia, there is a rally planned to urge council members to take action against the mayor.

The rally is planned Tuesday from 4 until 5 p.m. outside of Government Center in Fall River.  Jim Pimentel is attending the rally and the meeting that follows, and told WBSM listeners he thinks it's important for Correia to step down.

Pimentel said "I will be urging city councillors to cast a vote of no confidence in the mayor and deem him unable to serve." Pimentel added that the situation is not good for attracting businesses to the city.  He said "There's nothing that deters investments and economic development in a community more than political instability, and that's what the councillors need to keep in mind."

Mayor Jasiel Correia was indicted by a federal grand jury last week on 13 counts of criminal charges, including tax fraud and filing false income tax returns. Correia was arraigned in Federal Court on Thursday, and then announced that he will absolutely not step down as mayor.

At the special meeting of the Fall River City Council planned to Tuesday evening, the councillors will discuss any potential options for removing Correia from office., including possibly voting for his removal.

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