Over 100 students, parents and teachers turned out to Monday's School Committee meeting to rally for New Bedford's fine arts programs.

Parents and students line Hathaway Road in front of the Keith Middle School before Monday's School Committee meeting to show support for the District's Fine Arts programs.

Eight music and arts teachers are among the roughly 200 staff expected to be laid off because of cuts in the F-Y 2014 School Budget.

Melissa Sheffield one of those teachers, and says arts programs are crucial in giving kids a reason to come to school.

Committeeman Larry Finnerty appreciates the support for the arts, but thinks all extracurricular programs provide benefits that keep kids in school.

The Committee asked school administrators to reduce class sizes, and replace those music and arts teachers where possible, if additional funds are discovered.

The District still dealing with a shortfall from the current fiscal year, and will ask for over $3 million in funding again from the City Council Tuesday night to close that gap.