budget cuts

Budget Debate
A simmering dispute between Republican Gov. Charlie Baker and the Democratic-controlled Legislature over Massachusetts' state finances boiled over last week when Baker announced nearly $100 million in unilateral spending cuts. Lawmakers and advocates complained the governor was wielding the budget ax prematurely and without regard to vulnerable citizens who rely on programs that were cut... Read M
What Should We Do With $4 M? [Poll]
The New Bedford Schools transportation budget is branded at more than $10 million dollars for the coming school year. Brian's empowering formula slashes that budget leaving lots of dough for other programs.  
City FY17 Budget Passes
While the New Bedford City Council's cuts to the FY17 budget were kept to a minimum on Monday night, the final budget almost didn't pass. The meeting at City Hall resulted in about $317,000 dollars in total cuts, with areas like the school department, EMS, and Police Department remaining untouched...
State budget cuts
The Patrick administration is expected to cut an estimated $325 million from the state budget to address a shortfall that is emerging in the fiscal year 2015 budget. The reduction will be felt across all state agencies, including universities such as UMass Dartmouth. ...

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