Could New Bedford High students see tablets in every classroom?

Technology mogul Dr. Irwin Jacobs, and his wife Joan, visited the school Tuesday morning. The Qualcomm founder and New Bedford High alumnus spoke with students and teachers participating in a pilot digital math program.

The digital Algebra I program was created thanks to 170 tablets donated by the Jacobs Family Foundation last year.

Students like Jay-Lynn Dos Santos say the tablets not only make classwork easier, but algebra more exciting.

"I look forward to using technology, and, like, learning new things on the device," Dos Santos said.

During the tour, Dr. Jacobs asked students if they would like to see tablets used in other subjects, too.

Jacobs tells WBSM News the Jacobs Family Foundation is currently in talks with New Bedford High to possibly expand the program beyond freshman algebra.

Currently, the school plans to have each freshman class receive tablets for classroom use until eventually all grades are fully integrated with the technology.

According to officials, students in the pilot program have progressed about 30 points more in algebra than students not using tablets.


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