Rochelle Marbury is the principal at Jack and Victoria Rossi's school. Their father, Mike Rossi, took them on a family vacation that resulted in unexcused absences for both children. However, when Marbury sent a letter notifying the family about the absences and possible repercussions, Rossi took to social media to post his response.

Rossi ran the Boston Marathon in April, and the race turned into a family vacation to explore Boston. He stated in his response that they learned things about history and terrorism that "they won't ever truly learn in the classroom."

While I completely agree that family vacations should be looked at on a case-by-case basis and not automatically considered to be unexcused absences, I do not condone the treatment of the principal following Rossi's letter.

Her son, Lee, posted a thoughtful note on Facebook yesterday; Rochelle's birthday.

I hope people find it in their heart to realize that the policy does not fall on Marbury's shoulders, but administration in its entirety. It is NOT fair that this lifelong educator is receiving threats and prank calls as a result of this viral note. Lee standing up for his mother is incredibly powerful. My prayers with the family.

And most of all, Jack and Victoria Rossi will have the memory of their father crossing the Boston Marathon finish line for the rest of their lives. That really is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Please don't punish the kids for putting family first. That's a lesson most of us still need to learn.

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