Falls in the home can lead to some serious injuries that require months of rehabilitation. Preventing a fall is the best way to avoid injuries, but sometimes is harder than it seems.

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Common reasons why people may fall include:

  • clutter in the home
  • dizziness due to medication
  • clumsiness
  • poor vision

The best way to prevent falls is to consult with your doctor. If you are on medications for blood pressure or another type whose side effect may cause dizziness, be aware. Also, if you have trouble walking, use of a cane or walker can offer that added stability. If you have family or help that can keep walkways clear in the home as well, for reduced chances of falling.

If you do find yourself about to take a spill, the recommendation is to try and fall back on the derriere where there might be some padding to cushion the blow. For information about rehabilitation processes, check out the local experts at The Oaks Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation page here.