Steven Kut was known for his spectacular Christmas light display in Somerset. He single-handedly turned his home on Summerfield Avenue into a Winter Wonderland, drawing large crowds for years.

“It wasn’t really anything special for the first year or two, but it just got bigger and better with each year,” Kut said.

Kut explained that his father was self-employed and his family didn’t have a lot of money when he was growing up, but they spent a lot of quality time together.

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“Christmas was always about family and we loved going out to look at lights together,” Kut said. “When my son was little, he sparked that again.”

The Kut family would drive around to look at lights, but Steven was not as impressed with the displays as he once was when the magic of Christmas was through the eyes of a child.

“My son asked if we could decorate the outside of our own home, so we gave it a shot starting small,” Kut said. “Before I knew it, I was adding more and more until it became the display it is today.”

Now, the Kut family has a new address on Sycamore Lane in Westport and the display has moved with them.

“I do real estate for a living and an opportunity arose,” Kut said. “We found this one during COVID and we considered rehabbing and selling, but my wife liked the extra space. I was happy in Somerset and didn’t want to move at first, but then she convinced me with having more space outside to decorate for Christmas.”

Having the extra space didn’t necessarily mean buying more decorations, though.

“I probably added another 7,500 to 10,000 lights to our original display, with a total of maybe 70,000 lights,” Kut said. “It was more important to me to have the room to space everything out, making it easier to see. Somerset had so much going on, but it was tough in a small area. The new house is on a hill, so it just brings you to a whole nother level of decoration.”

Kut assured us that there are plenty of similarities to the Somerset house. It still takes him a really long time to set everything up.

“I honestly didn’t keep track of how long it took me this time,” Kut said. “When I get home, that’s all I do until it’s done. Before I know it it’s midnight and I'm still going. I would estimate 60 to 80 hours approximately.”

The lights start going up on November 1, but he has to start bringing everything to the house a couple of weeks in advance. Due to the volume of decor, Kut has to store everything off-site. He starts sneaking seven full truckloads of decor over to the house in mid-October.

“I put a few green and purple lights out for Halloween, but you can take that holiday right off the calendar and I'd be perfectly fine with it,” Kut said. “It's the one that slows me down from decorating for Christmas each year.”

When asked if he has a favorite piece, Kut claimed that the star he created as a memento of his father will always be high on his list.

“My father was a Christmas fanatic when I was growing up,” Kut said. “I joined the military after 2001 at 18 years old. I came home that Christmas to find that the entire front of our colonial house was lit up like an American flag. Seeing that was amazing. I still have friends now who say my display is good, but not as good as my father’s. This need to decorate definitely passed down through the generations.”

Kut also has a need to spread joy to kids and other families. The Sycamore Lane home is a Toys for Tots donation drop location this year.

“Last year was our first year and we got almost 300 toys,” Kut said “I’d love to get 1,000 toys this year if we can.”

There is one major incentive to donate a toy to this drive. According to Kut, the beloved snow machines are making a comeback this year, but only for those who make a donation.

“As you start walking up the driveway, it will start snowing for you,” Kut said.

Kut had one more request to make of future spectators on behalf of his friend Alex Rogers, who has downs syndrome and is currently battling leukemia.

“Alex is a former neighbor from Somerset and he was always one of my biggest supporters,” Kut said. “He loves Christmas and I seriously think he would come over to look at the display four or five times each night. I thought he would be able to come to see our display at the new house, but he’s just been admitted to the hospital for treatment and we’re not sure if he’ll be able to come this year.”

Alex will be in Boston this holiday, but we can still send him some cheer from afar. The family has requested Christmas cards be sent to his hospital room in hopes that the Christmas magic will still be alive for Superhero Alex, even during a difficult time.

The information to send a Christmas card is below:
Alex Rogers, Room 6226
Boston Children’s Hospital
300 Longwood Ave
Boston, MA 02115

The Kut Family Christmas Light Display will be visible each night from 4:45 to 10 pm. Unopened toys for kids ages newborn to 17 will be accepted in the drive.

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